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C.O.R.E. Academy is currently looking for Certified or Highly-Qualified teachers for the following positions. A 4-year degree is required, along with a great attitude.

C.O.R.E. Academy is hiring full-time/part-time for the following areas:
  • Elementary

    Kindergarten Teacher
    1st Grade Teacher
    2nd Grade Teacher
    3rd Grade – Reading/Social Studies Teacher

    ELA/Social Studies Teacher – Grades 4

    P.E. Teacher – Grades K-5
    Art Teacher – Grades K-5

  • Middle School

    Mathematics Teacher – Grades 6/7

    ELA Teacher – Grades 6/7
    ELA Teacher – Grades 7/8

    Social Studies Teacher – Grades 7/8

    Science Teacher – Grades 7/8

    Art Teacher – Grades 6-8
    Music Teacher – Grades 6-8

  • High School

    Chemistry Teacher

    World History/Geography Teacher
    Economics/Government Teacher

    English I Teacher
    English II Teacher
    English III Teacher
    English IV Teacher

    Academic Coach I
    Academic Coach II
    Academic Coach III

  • Special Education

    Special Education Teacher/Manager

If you have additional questions, email info@coreacademytx.org.

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