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Date:April 15, 2015

High School

Welcome to C.O.R.E. Academy‘s High School! At C.O.R.E. Academy, we currently serve students in the 9th grade with more grades coming soon. We will provide a powerful learning environment committed to creating outstanding results every day. The 9th graders utilize a Flex Model approach to learning which combines innovative technology and traditional classroom sessions focusing on all student learning objectives at grade level for all subjects.

Throughout the process, all students impacted by C.O.R.E. Academy’s Flex Model approach will conceptualize the meaning of being a consumer of knowledge and use it to achieve all levels of success. All of the instructors are caring and will be diligent to the educational and cultural needs of the students. We ask that parents and guardians contribute to the entire learning journey of the students to develop the first C.O.R.E. Academy graduating high school class! GO COBRAS!